Almost everything we make is cooked on our custom wood grill and oven which imparts a wonderful char and smokiness. This style of cooking challenges us to be creative and always adaptable as cooks, because fire is unpredictable and pretty darn crazy.  We use seasonal produce to make all sorts of sour, pickled and fermented items to complement our grilled food.  For us, this style of cooking invokes feelings of cookouts, festive gatherings and friendship. 

Our menu is meant to be creative yet approachable.  We offer a small menu of ever-changing sharable plates, as well as an option to let our kitchen choose your dinner adventure.  Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like, tell us what your cat likes, tell us what makes you smile.  Be open with us and we’ll do whatever we can to make it a wonderful experience for you. 

We will do our best to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions on the spot, but sometimes it is not possible.  Please make note of any dining restrictions you may have when making your reservation.  This will help us help you.

We can offer vegetarian and vegan options for the Opus Feast with at least 2 days advanced notice.

Our drink menu is based on the seasons and what we feel like drinking at the moment.   We offer a selection of regional beers, wines, and cocktails.

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Here’s the breakdown.  Mark owns the place and does a bit of everything. Paolo is the right-hand man (or maybe the left-hand man since Mark is left handed). He cooks and does a bit of everything. Carl cooks and does a bit of most things. Corynn takes care of most of the serving/manager things. Sidney does serving things. We all do everything and anything to make sure our guests are enjoying themselves.

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It is important to us that we support our local farmers and we use their seasonal offerings to guide our cooking, therefore we try to buy all our fresh produce and meat from Northwest producers.  We’d like to thank the following farms for supplying us with our ingredients:

Local Roots Farm  |  Wilderness Meats  |  Present Tense Farm  |  Willowood Farm  |  Tonnemaker  |  Alvarez Family Farms  |  Phinney Farmer’s Market and their various vendors  |  Cedar River Brewing Company